Light and strong construction site fence, always ready when you need it!

Roll-One is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and convenient fence for their construction sites.

What is Roll-One?

Polyethylene net with high strength and visibility.

  • Two net heights available: 2 m or 1.10 m.

  • Available net length: 15 m

This construction site net has all the features you need to become your favorite work companion: it is lightweight, easy to handle and takes up little space in storage and transport.

Thanks to its innovative structure, Roll-One is also very easy to transport.

You can take it wherever you want, without having to worry about having to deal with long and tiring moving.

Also, thanks to its practicality and the speed with which it can be assembled and disassembled,

Roll-One will help you save a lot of valuable time and precious energy.

Discover the advantages of Roll-One


Saving time and diesel fuel. Time saving in assembly and manpower.


It can be handled by a single employee. It can be unrolled and rolled in a short time.


It takes up little space in storage and transport.


It makes the image of the construction site tidy and efficient.


Accidental impacts and atmospheric agents don’t have the slightest impact. Windproof.


It doesn’t break, it doesn’t fade, it’s never a source of danger. Can be crossed in case of emergency.


It bends but doesn’t break and it come back in the initial vertical position.


Respect for the environment. Use of recycled materials. Reusable forms.

For the same length, it is 6 times lighter and 20 times less bulky.

Classic Fence


Example: A fence 2 m high and 105 m long is equivalent to:

30 Pieces Fence

Weight Tot. 510 kg (2.4 kg/m2)

Volume 14 m3

7 Fences (1 fence = 15 m)

Weight Tot. 84 kg (0,4 kg/m2)

Volume 0,7 m3

Discover all the accessories available

360° LED flashing light, base or stake, construction site signs

Over 500 meters on a single body

Infinitely connectable modules

Available in 110cm and 200cm Height

Portable stretch winder for nets

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